Friday, October 26, 2007

Who Am I?

Blog Shmog. What this really is, is a clever way to motivate me to keep a journal. . .

Entry #1 - Who am I? Well, to sum it up, I am an accompished. . Mama. My brothers will spend 3 minutes with me, and say "You're such a MOM." I'm not quite sure how to take that. I usually look at them incredulously, then toss back something along the lines of "You will be too, when you have kids." I guess a person's focus changes after they have children. Ya think?! Duh! Anyway, what does accomplished mean? It means you have lots of experience. I think I score high in that category when it comes to Mommy time, and taking care of kids. We have 7. People usually think we're younger than we are, have less children than we do, and are almost invariably shocked, sometimes struck completely speechless, when we give them the low down. My husband is very 'young acting'. I guess he hasn't quite grown up. : ) He occasionally DJ's local dances with a friend of his, and still attends the Community College in his "spare time." You'd think the kids would see him as being a "cool Dad", which he is, but following with tradition, he tends to embarrass them anyway, probably on purpose. I, on the other hand, don't pretend to have a degree, and I'm pretty sure that my kids' friends don't really think I'm all that cool. I'm not sure how qualified I am for this position. . . not sure how I landed it in the first place. I didn't earn a degree, as did many of my 'associates', in the care and feeding of little rug rats, i.e. Childhood Development, and Elementary Education, etc, but I do have tons of experience, which counts for more nowadays anyway, right? : ) I'd like to think so. I am a Mama. And so begins the Mamablog.

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