Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kid Quotes

Yesterday Charlie and I were driving to the store with some of the kids. We happened to stop in front of a body shop with some shnazzy cars parked out front. Charlie, of course, has to comment. . .

“Hey Jeffy, do you like those wheels?”

Jefferson is all boy, and all about cars. Staring out of the window, wide-eyed, with both hands clutching the top of the car door nearest his seat, he responded.

“I like the whole car!”



Tommy was cleaning out the garage yesterday, when he realized what dirty job it was. Very slightly irritated, he paused while sweeping the front porch.

“Boogers.” he stated calmly. “Boogers. . . and sour cream.”

Then, not too concerned, ‘cause Tommy’s all about gettin’ it done, he went back to sweeping.

Totally cracking me up.  : )


Just now, Aleia was sitting at the computer. She’s been working on a story for school, and had found a website that looked sort of familiar. Miss Strawberry Shortcake is hoping to see her story printed in a local creative writing magazine. Not sure if she had permission to be online, I asked her what she was up to. Wound tight, as always, she turned and yelled almost frantically:

“I’m just trying to contact the publisher!”

Caught completely off guard, I did a double take.


The child is barely nine years old! : ) Hilarious.


Ben said...

Got to admire her ambition. And I like sour cream.

Amanda Mason said...

Especially on tacos! : )