Friday, August 29, 2008

School . . Is Back In, Baby!

Wednesday was the best day ever! Charlie stayed home from work, took the day off, and hung out with us all the day long!  : ) We even held hands while shopping at Home Depot! : ) A dream come true! Aw. . .

We had a dumpster delivered in the morning. Got rid of a bunch of junk that has been laying around. . .

About 10:30 the four of us, Charlie, myself, Jefferson, and Lincoln, went over to the elementary school to meet Jeffy's new Kindergarten teacher. It was a beautiful moment.  : ) Jeffy was being interviewed, if you will, showing Mrs. Arnold what he knows about letters and numbers, while I was cutting out flash cards, (cause you gotta have some busy work for the obnoxious parents). Charlie was playing with the baby, who miraculously picked up alphabet blocks . . for his Dad. Wow.  : )

On the way home, my fun-lovin' Hubby decided to drive the wrong way, around behind the middle school.

"Wow, you're just breakin' all kinds of rules!" I commented after a bit.

He sighed with satisfaction.

"That's just the kind of guy I am. . . And somehow", he grinned, "it all works out."

It's true, you know. It does!  : ) For instance,  yesterday we dropped by a friend's house, and not only did she let our 2 little boys ride her 'horsey', she also gave us quite a bit of meat. Yummy elk, and venison, and who knows, probably buffalo! We're not picky!  ; ) Good stuff! And a couple of days ago, our neighbor 2 houses down, who is moving, gave us a new toilet for our downstairs bathroom. I know this may not seem very romantic, but it saved us a hundred or so dollars. . . Then yesterday afternoon, Tommy got a letter in the mail saying that someone over at the school wants to pay for him to go shopping at Old Navy, for new school clothes. Now this might be annoying to some people, and yes Tommy has enough to wear, but maybe we could suck up our pride, and let the boy have some fun. : ) It makes you wonder, though, just what is he putting on in the morning, to make people think he needs 'assistance'? His favorite old ratty T-shirt. . ? Holey jeans. . ? Sigh. Oh, well. But then, in addition, Charlie was surprised by a bonus at work yesterday. Apparently they appreciated all his hard work on some recent project. Wahoo! I say!

That's right, Baby! : )

P.S. It was so funny! After we had come home from Jeffy's Kindergarten appointment, I was whining about him going off to school, and leaving me all alone here at home. He rolled his eyes, and answered in his best irritated 5 yr old voice: "I've told you a thousand times! You're gonna be here with Lincoln!" As he slammed the car door. Hysterical!

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Laura said...

Awesome. Sounds like lots of fun, great things. Nothing beats having the hubby home. Congrats!