Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rushing Through My Day. .

Well, a lot has been happening recently, as maybe you can tell. . I've definitely been slacking off on the blogging. . .

Most of it has involved a ream or so of paper work (gag) thrown my way from the . . just fabulous Jordan School District. Disgusted pause. As if I didn't have enough to do without all that extra silliness! I've learned, over the years, to just throw most of it away! : ) Also, we've been dealing with EVERYBODY'S blinking school pictures, including Laena's ultra-fantasic Senior pictures, (aahh!) which have cost us an arm and a leg. And what with fees, and lunch money, class rings, graduation announcements etc, we're feeling a little strained financially. It happens every year. . . Grrrrr.

More news, my Grandpa fell a couple of times, over the weekend, so we're gonna go down and visit him again tonight. He doesn't think he's gonna last much longer. For his sake, I hope he doesn't. I don't think he's having a whole lot of fun.

Charlie's sister called yesterday, naturally while Charlie was at a class and I couldn't get a hold of him, to tell us that his step dad had had a mini-stroke, or something similar, and was now in the hospital. Argh! He's such a nice guy! And he's been taking such good care of Charlie's mother. . . I just don't see how this is going to help anything. . . Well, actually, since C's brother Calvin happened to be up there, and is now thinking of moving in with the 2 of them, to help out with the farm and recovery etc, I guess it could be a good thing. All of them together. . . I suppose it's nice of Calvin and his wife to want to move up there and help out. . Charlie and I turned down the restaurant in Blackfoot years ago, and honestly, in spite of my fetish for real estate, I'd rather die than live in bohunk Idaho, up there in the middle of nowhere. . . So maybe this is turning out for the best after all. . . We'll seeee!  : ) I do hope Lynn is doing better, and that he will be okay. He's been a great help to Charlie's family these last few years. Sigh. Poor guy.

Anyway, on a totally different note. . . (and p.s. I do love Idaho Falls), our neighbor Steve brought home, and installed, a blinking full sized concrete fountain in his front yard over the weekend. He's a handyman who can do just about anything, former plumber even! You name it! Oh yeah Baby! Saturday he gave our neighborhood a little twist, surprised us all when he pulled up to his house with this fountain in the back of his truck. I guess he has some clients who are fairly well off, and while he was doing some landscaping recently, tearing out the fountain, building a pool or whatever, the guy he was working for told him to just keep it. Ha HA! Pretty cool, eh! : ) Cool for us! Now all we have to do is look out our front window, and there it is! A little slice of Italy! (Deep sigh of satisfaction and delight.) (I may cry.) I love stuff like that. . . And he's got it rigged to recycle fresh water all day! Just to the right of the Koi pond he's put in. What a guy! We just have to open a window to hear it gently bubbling and splashing. . .  Open-mouthed Hee hee hee! What they have done to that yard!

Also, Steve just re-did their kitchen. (I squeak with a delighted chuckle.) I can't wait to see what he's gonna do next!

Moving on, more trivia, yesterday, while Charlie was at that class, the Comcast guy showed up to change over our phone service. I was a little annoyed, being as my loving husband had forgotten to mention that this was going to happen. . . but the technician turned out to be a really nice guy, who did a good job, and now we have . . apparently, digital phone service! We'll see how it goes. . . Let everybody know. Whatever!

Laena's working at McDonald's again, which makes sense considering the proximity to our house, school, church, etc. It's in walking distance! Which will really help out with gas money and time spent. Try it sometime! "What?" you ask? Why, driving 5 miles across town, and crossing the freeway at rush hour! Kinda puts a dent in your day. And yes, I would prefer that she work somewhere else, but they work with her Choir/music/activity schedule, so what're ya gonna do?  Thinking

Aaahhh! Gotta go pick up Jeffy! Later!  : )

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