Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smarty Pants and Perfect Pancakes

The other day, I believe it was Saturday, I had a really nice time just hanging out with our boys, listening to them chat. It was one of those rare instances when they were all getting along, joking around and having fun together. : ) I have to smile! A good memory. .

At some point, Clinton had walked in, and announced to everyone that he had finally gotten the smushed up 'smarty powder' to come out of his nose. . I felt all warm and fuzzy! : )

Hmmmm. . .

Now, you have to understand boys to fully appreciate the entertainment value here. . . Of course, Smarties are the famous wrapped candies that everybody has on hand, leftover from Halloween, stuffed in the back of the munchie cupboard. . The ones that we all pretended were 'pills', or 'medicine' when we were growing up. Hee hee! Such fun! : ) I told my mother that it must be a 'boy thing' . . . She agreed. She also pointed out that trying to breathe in any sort of candy . . would probably be terribly uncomfortable! : )

Leave it to Grandma to be reasonable and practical! But, as the boys would say. . Where's the fun in THAT?!

Ha ha ha! ; )

Saturday (and Sunday) I decided to whip up a batch of our traditional 'Saturday morning hot cakes'! I found a great recipe on the Internet, and went to work. After a while, the aroma of baking 'sweet bread' filled the house. (There was a fair amount of sugar in the batter.)

"Pancakes!" someone was heard to yell. .

Jeffy noticed, rushed into the kitchen, and inquired breathlessly:

"Are they perfect? Or are they all burned?"


You have to understand. . He's just six years old. : ) And genuinely inquisitive.


Could this possibly have anything to do with some of my recent baking fiascos? Maybe those involving cookies, and the lack of a timer. . ?

Perhaps. . . But his comments were priceless either way. . . What a cutie!


Being a Mama is a lot of work, but soooo much fun at the same time! : )

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