Monday, September 21, 2009

Pizza Quest!

Thursday before last, Jeffy and Aleia got it into their heads, around dinnertime, that they wanted to pool their funds/resources, and see if they had enough to buy a pizza at Little Shleazer's. : ) We drove over there, Jeffy with his little plastic baseball bank full of change. He dumped it out on the counter and we started hurriedly separating the coins. Some might think that the cashier, or maybe the other people waiting in line might be annoyed or impatient at the prospect of waiting while some little kid counted out his pennies for a 5 dollar pizza purchase, but happily, the be-aproned, heavyset cook/cashier was beaming, and when we came up short, and Charlie found some random coins in his pocket that made the 5 dollars, plus one penny, there was not a person in the store that wasn't smiling. Jefferson held out his little arms, and was given a whole pepperoni pizza, with a “Here ya go, little man!” and a grin the size of a slice of watermelon. Aleia and Jeffy had accomplished their purpose.Open-mouthed We took it home, and they shared their prize with the whole family. : ) It may seem like a small thing, but these are the moments that memories are made of. Pizza

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Ben said...

way to be different, people usually enjoy that