Saturday, March 15, 2008

Halibut, Festival, and Saturday Chores

Well, the dinner went well last night. . . Except we had no idea that we didn't actually have to be there until quarter to seven. The auction just started at 5:30. Argh! I was sooo stressed out about leaving the baby that long etc, and we could've left a whole hour later!


We did have a good time though, good company, great prizes, a worthy cause, and a fantastic dinner. I haven't had halibut like that . . . ever! Yum yum yum. And this new fangled strawberry vinigrette salad dressing! Who'd a thunk. It's great! They also had Miss Utah, and Miss Teen Utah on hand, chatting and signing autographs. Charlie thought about having his picture taken with the Utah Jazz Dancers, but decided against it. He said he didn't want to spend the ten bucks or whatever it was, but I know better. : ) He didn't want to spend the evening with a slightly irritated, 30-something wifeypoo, who didn't really want to think about how she can't fit into one of those cheerleader outfits anymore. Yike. I'm feeling closer to old and gray, fat and forty every day. Chuckle, chuckle.

Coca-Cola had a table close to the door, so we were able to sneak out early, go back and get the baby from our friends Katie and Chris. They were so nice to watch him. Apparently he ate a ton of taco fixin's, got all messy, and had to have a bath. He was all snuggly, in his nice warm jammies, when we picked him up. Deep sigh of relief. She said he didn't even cry for more than a minute after we dropped him off. How encouraging! : ) There is hope for our social life after all!

Today I took Laena to Riverton Music so she could participate in the Federation Music Festival. It's the same every March. Tons of music competitions. It's downright tiring. Maybe because I've been doing this for well over 20 years now. . . At least we've been affiliated in some way, with my little brothers and Annie, and then our own children, after competing myself years ago in high school. It's one eternal round. : )

Charlie told the boys, Clint and Tommy, that they could split whatever money they might get at the scrap yard, if they would strip his 'parts truck' that sits on the side of our house. Stunned pause. . Wow. Yay! I'm all for getting rid of one of his . . . blinking trucks. Never thought I'd be so excited about having a heap of scrap metal . . in my back yard. : ) That's right! Yeah, Baby!

My ever loving husband is also trying to get our boys JOBS, if you can stand it. They have no . . motivation, I guess. . No fire lit under their tushies. Looks like the Daddy man springing interviews on them, when he took the 2 of them to Pizza Hut to pick up dinner, is motivation enough! : ) Hee hee hee. The sneaky bugger. Gotta love him! Eric may even get work at the local movie theater! Amazing. Daddy had a little talk with the head manager. All righty then. . . But c'mon! It doesn't get any better than that for a couple of teenage boys. . . Discounts on pizza and movies. How could you go wrong? ; )


Laura said...

Glad you got a night out, you deserve it! Good for your man for ignoring the pics with the cheerleaders. GOOD CHOICE! Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog, Laura

Amanda Mason said...

Thanks Laura! I enjoy your blog also. Way fun!