Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Baby Sister!

My baby sister, Ann Marie, is getting married one week from today. Sigh. I can't believe it. Seems like she was born just a few months ago, maybe. . .

I remember our first meeting. I had come home from school by way of a friend's house, a little apprehensive about seeing the new baby for the first time. . . We hadn't had a new baby for over 4 years. . I sat on the edge of my parent's bed, and they gently placed her in my arms. A flood of emotion overtook my senses. I'd waited so long for a little sister, a fellow female among a sea of boys. . . Someone who would understand, to whom I could actually relate. I was bonded to her instantly, by blood, by spirit, and by love. She was meant to be . . my only sister.

Annie is 14 years my junior, and since she was probably about 5 years old, we have lived almost 1300 miles apart. She's grown up in Missouri, and I've lived in Utah. Over the years, we've become, if you will, consumed by our own personal worlds, and life has drawn us away from each other, rather than closer together, a circumstance which I regret.

Perhaps now that she's joining the ranks of those hitched up, we will be more on the same page, fate will draw us closer together, and we will be more inclined to get to know one another better, and share our daily experiences. . .

Love ya, Annie! Soon to be Mrs. Thomas Patrick LeCaque.  : )

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Laura said...

What a sweet tribute to your sister!!! You guys look SOOOO alike!