Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Fun!

Well, what to do. . . I've thought of several hilarious 'bits' for my blog here over the past few days, and now I can't remember a one. . . Old age is setting in early, it seems. Or maybe just my memory's going. . . ; )

Last Monday we went to the pumpkin patch, down the road about a mile or so. . It's a family tradition! We do it every year. : ) Unfortunately, this year it was freezing, but we still had a good time. . . The kids love to pick out pumpkins, still in the field, and then they rip it up, goin' through the little 'market' tent at the Pumpkin Patch entrance. They have some produce there, treats. . and some really cool gourds! It's a fun Autumn activity.



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Later on Monday evening, we got to attend Laena's Fall Choir Concert over at the high school. It was fabulous, as usual, director Kelly DeHaan being one of the most talented musicians this side of the Mississippi. : ) I tried to get some video of the performance, but wasn't able to get much. . I did the best I could with a cranky 2 year old pulling on my arm half the time, and whining. Sigh. There is some AMAZING talent in our young people over there. . . Just heard that they're putting together a show, entertainment of some sort for the First Night activity downtown. Mr. DeHaan is always being asked to these things together, because of his unbelievable piano/vocal/organizational skill, and, more importantly, his ability to connect with the kids. Sigh. I just feel bad that Laena didn't get the message, back in August, when the West Jordan Concert Choir was asked, as sort of a last minute favor, to do a cameo appearance in High School Musical 3, filming across town. Double sigh. I don't know if we were out of town, or it was because she'd changed her phone number, but we missed it, and she was bummed. Lost her chance to shine on the silver screen. And her little sister probably would've been able to get on the movie set and watch them filming! Don't tell her that though! All heck would break loose. : ) But hey, we'll get to see it in theatres THIS WEEKEND! So go and check it out, everybody! And you can all say that you almost knew her when. . .  Sob. . Chuckle, sob. . .


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Lincoln's birthday was this month. . He's 2 now. He was actually due on Columbus Day, 2006, but the doc was nervous about our big, huge babies, so he took him 2 weeks early. Hmmm. If I could do that one over, I don't think it would go down quite the same way. . . I mean, so we have 9 and a half lb babies . . consistently. That's not that big! And his lungs might not have been as fully developed as they could have been! Just because Aleia was ten pounds, fifteen point eight ounces. . . Pshaw! What a bunch of pansies!  : )

Laena's and Jefferson's birthdays are also coming up here pretty soon. . . I refer to them as our second set of twins. Jeffy was due on Laena's 12th birthday, and they look just alike! : ) He ended up being induced 2 days early, however, because the doc was going on vacation. Jeez. . . Well, this way Laena lucks out and gets her own day to party! November is a big birthday month in our house. Charlie's on the 30th, so that makes 3. . . We also have a bunch of cousins, etc who claim as their advent the coldest month of Autumn. Jeffy, the last couple of years, has inadvertently had a 'political party', because his birthday has happened to fall on . . election day!   : ) Chuckle. Yep! I'm tempted to have everybody dress up as their favorite candidate! Ha ha ha ha ha! jeffyjeffyjeffyjeffy (He had to write his name.)  : ) 

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