Monday, October 20, 2008

Munchin' Marshmallows!

Jeffy was hungry. He'd announced it to everyone present.

"Let's see. . . What do we have to eat. . ." I rummaged through our snacks, looking for something easy and quick. I needed to make dinner! "Marshmallows! Huh. . ." I pulled them out of the cupboard. "But what are they for?" I mused, imagining some elaborate Scout treat in the works. Maybe Charlie was saving them for a camp out.

"It's . . for us to eat." Jeffy explained patiently. : )

He and Binky sat on the kitchen table, their little legs dangling over the side, just above the bench, as they gazed out the window into the back yard and munched. . . After a while. Jeffy was done. He handed the bag of marshmallows back to me.

"Are you finished?" I asked. A reasonable question. . .

He proceeded to hop down, with my help.

"I'm full of it." he stated without a second thought, running off to play. : ) Not really, of course. . .


That's our little boy!

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