Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homecoming Weekend and a Night On The Mountain

Here we go again! Aahhhhhh! That boy came over, and picked Laena up in his black convertible Spider. It was all too familiar. . . Like some sort of terrible deja-vu. I'm still freaking out. "It's picture time!" I announced when he showed up on our doorstep. . We had some fun snapping pictures in the front yard, but when they were ready to go. . when he opened her door, and she hopped in, with her purple Cinderella dress, and they pulled away. . . I wanted to run after them, screaming "Come baaack!" I know it's crazy, but. . she is my baby girl, after all. . .

Homecoming Night.

Sigh. . .

She had picked out a pretty, violet-colored dress. . and her hair was working with her. It had turned out great!  : ) I must admit, I did like his shnazzy, matching purple tie. . .  I guess, at some point, you just have to let them go, and hope you've taught them enough to get them through the evening. Sigh again. . I suppose Laena can pretty much take care of herself. Hopefully they'll have a great time. . . have fun and create some sparkling memories. High school can be a lot of fun, when you play the game right. Good times with good friends. : )







Last night Charlie took Tommy and our neighbors across the street up the mountain to go camping. I had tried to talk him out of it all week. He is Scoutmaster, and probably knows what he's doing, but when the forecast has been calling for snow, and the temperature was predicted to drop by 30 degrees. . Well, I just don't see the point in camping. Out doors, overnight. And especially not up on the mountain! Was he insane?! "But Honey", he argued. "The boys need to learn survival skills!" Survival skills? How about staying indoors, where it's warm, with fuzzy slippers and a fleece blanket. It just seems like . . common sense. "Where's your tent?" I demanded, as they were leaving. He kissed me goodbye, and hurriedly responded. "We'll be okay. . We're gonna build a lean-to." (Apparently they'd watched a special recently, where very intelligent, experienced career backpackers built some sort of shelter with a couple of tarps.) Big smile, a smooch, and he was gone . . jogging across the street, with his backpack and sleeping bag. I doubt they'd have even taken hats and gloves if I hadn't said anything. . . I was at a loss for words, and stood staring after him in the doorway, speechless. The man is completely nuts.

A night on the mountain.

'But it's still the middle of fall', you say. Not up north of the ski resorts, it ain't! Turns out it was a good thing our neighbors had decided to bring along a couple of smaller, spring bar tents. . . just in case. . . I didn't sleep very well, partly due to the fact that our 2 year old baby had a fever, and partly because I was worried. . nervous that my husband and son might freeze to death up there at ten thousand plus feet. I picked them up this morning, performing feats worthy of NASCAR, as I raced up the mountain through irritable white flurries, to rescue those boys before the snowstorm began in earnest. By the time we were all packed in and headed back, all-out winter had set in. . . I'll definitely have to post pictures. : )





















Laura said...

Oh, I am so scared of the day a boy comes over to pick up Maddie. Your daughter is so beautiful, those poor boys don't stand a chance. I want to see those picks of you picking up your boys.

Amanda Mason said...

Here you go! : )