Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Candy Wrappers and Sucker Sticks

Okay, here's the deal. I like Halloween as much as the next gal. It's probably my 2nd favorite holiday. I have no problem with the 3 months of kids trying to decide on a particular costume, changing their minds 10 or twelve times, planning parties, ambushes, etc. . . I don't mind the black and orange decorations that invade my home beginning in August. . . but if I have to pick up another candy wrapper off of my front yard, or one more sucker stick out of the carpet. . . I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a stroke.

Relax, you say. Soon the candy stash will be gone, and there will be no more wrappers, no more sticky gum. . . Yeah, just in time for Christmas, and CHRISTMAS CANDY!

That's right.

Why the whining, you ask? I just took 10 children for a walk. Yes, ten. They were 'helping' deliver birthday party invites. I felt like the mother of all Pied Pipers. I wasn't even playing an instrument. Our neighbor said I was a brave woman. "Somethin' . . ." I responded lamely. Earlier we had 18 kids over, playing in the yard. I felt like praying in the yard. Don't believe me? I'll name them off: Laena, Clint, Eric, Tommy, Aleia, Jeffy, Lincoln. . . Then we have Lisa, Evan, and Brooke. . . Hope, Tevita, and Sa'ane. Damon, Mytee, Audraya, Elece, AND Caitlyn. And there it is. There you have it. The thing is, when one child goes outside, they seem to attract . . other ones. . .

Get ready for a primal scream.

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