Friday, November 9, 2007


When my husband and I first talked about how many kids we'd like to have, we felt like 4 was a good number. We figured that four children, sensibly spaced, would be a reasonable undertaking, and probably all that we could handle.

We were right. : )

Now that we have SEVEN, I find myself saying "Just a minute. . . " about 45 times a day, simply because I cannot multi-task in more than 3 or 4 different directions, or on 3 or 4 different planes, or with 3 or 4 different genres. . . It's just more than I can process all at once. As talented as I am (?) I just can't do all of those things at the same time. Plus I need sleep. : )

What to do. . . .

It's quite the dilemma, actually, as I am one of those kind of people who likes (believe it or not) to have everything planned and organized, to some extent.

I see those Super Mamas out there, makin' it happen, lipstick on, toenails done, takin' it one day at a time, but planning it all 3 months in advance, able to handle anything, always smiling, always calm. . . and I then I recall my friend and fellow 'normal' Mama saying matter-o-factly, outside of preschool one fine long-ago day. . . "I'm sure there's Prozac involved."

: )

I hold to that dream, and all it's implications. Maybe I'm not completely nuts, totally out of control. . . . Hmmm. All RIGHTY then. : )

So, Girls, let's plow ahead. . . .

Onward Christian Soldiers.

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