Friday, November 9, 2007

Step Away . . From the Tots.

I have 3 teenage boys. They like to eat. Do I need to go on? Well, actually, one's twelve, but he's a big kid. Lately, when I warm up tater-tots, a favorite dinnertime side-dish, I notice that if I leave the room for any length of time, said tots will immediately, and mysteriously, begin to disappear. They've been know to evaporate/vanish almost completely if I have to, say, answer the door, or succumb to some other unnecessary distraction.

Now I'm fairly intuitive. . . I'm thinkin' maybe, just maybe, these big boys, with sticky, ketchup hands, and sneaky expressions, lurking about the kitchen, might have something to do with these disappearances. Hmmmm. . . . . . I feel like taking an aggressive football stance, brandishing a large wooden spoon, and standing guard over the stove. Ya don't wanna mess with Mama at dinnertime.

We recently ran into a neighbor at the grocery store. He commented that we'll soon have to start hauling food home by the truckload. We smiled and laughed and gave him the obligatory wave. Our packed shopping carts said it all. To give you an idea, I went out to buy groceries one Friday night, just picking up a few things. . . Eighty bucks later, I drove home, hoping this latest purchase would last a couple of days. Not so much. By noon the next morning, it was all GONE. Those kids try to look 'cute' at school, not eating all of their lunch . . . and then they come home and inhale the fridge. Bewildered, I try in vain to find the snacks that I just brought home. Surely they must be here SOMEwhere. . . . Then I stomp back out to the car, and head back over to our local supermarket. . . . to the tune of about 8 hundred dollars a month. Ouch.

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