Monday, November 19, 2007


My husband has 4 trucks: His current project, his "baby", that he drives to work, his backup vehicle, a sporty red pick-up, his 'parts truck', which sits on the side of our house, and 'the family truck', a jacked up, gargantuan, 8000 pound Chevy Suburban. When he's at home he looks up truck related websites on the Internet, reads truckin' magazines, and wears t-shirts with trucks on them. . . . Did I mention that he likes trucks?

You have to understand that this isn't just a hobby for him. . .It's an obsession. He's fascinated by trucks. If he could, he would work in a truck shop, a custom garage, built somewhere on our property, and he'd work on his truck 24 hours a day. He'd probably forget to eat. He's driven an enormous red tractor trailer for Coca-Cola for the last 15 years, (you may have seen them on the freeway), he's logged over half a million miles driving it, and on top of that, he collects miniature, die-cast models of these same trucks, with the signature white Coke ribbon on the side, so he can have them near at all times. : ) And that's okay. Endearing even.

It would, however, seem reasonable, to me, to have the wall paper on the family/community computer portray something other than a truck. The heck, you say! But no. . . There, proudly displayed on the screen, (which by the way I have to look at least 20 times a day), is, you guessed it. . . a blinking truck. Sure it's painted a pretty blue color. Sure, it's tolerable to look at, easy on the eyes, but for the love of everything that is good and kind, I think that some (maybe all) of the rest of us oughta have a say in what we've gotta stare at every time we boot the thing up. Correct me if I'm wrong. . . .

Up till now I've been fairly tolerant and patient, fairly accommodating. . After all, we should respect one another's hobbies and interests, right? Right. Then the other day, my ever lovin' man brings the laptop home from work, plops down in his favorite chair, puts his feet up and flips the thing on. Lo and behold, what do you suppose catches my eye? A glorious island scene. . a tropical beach, with white sands, gentle waves, breathtaking color, billowing clouds. . . It was awe inspiring. Probably his happy place. : ) Yeah.

Needless to say, the home computer sports a truck picture no longer. We now have a spectacular mountain view of the Alps in winter gracing our most popular nook. Serene and pristine. . Blue and white and sparkling. . . . Wow. It actually relieves stress. It's motivating and relaxing. And now, when we have to do homework, or pay the bills, we mercifully get a break from my husband's all consuming, (and sometimes downright annoying) passion. . . .

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Ben said...

I was gonna say you should just change it, but you already did. :)