Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Evening With . . . Poison?!

Thursday Charlie went to a Poison Concert with a friend from work.


I know, I know. . Poison?! you say. Yep. My husband's still kind of a fan. . . He has this old denim jacket, that he decorated 20 some years ago, with metal studs, and the band member's names, written in permanent marker.

As he was getting ready to leave, Laena asked if she could borrow the car, since hers is still having 'issues'. I told her that we'd better ask Daddy. . to see if he needed it.

"Oh come on." she remarked from her perch on the arm of the couch. "I think we'd all agree that his truck would go better with his jacket. . ."

: )

Leave it to the obnoxious teen-age daughter to give the old man a hard time and point out the obvious.

Charlie didn't care. He was too excited.

He told me that they were actually going to be in the Coke suite, and that it might be catered. I had a hard time taking this all in. . . It just didn't jive with reality. It didn't sound right. Catering a backwoods, (not to be confused with backwards), hick rock concert?!


Thankfully, the stars realigned, and they only served drinks.

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