Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th, 2008, Wednesday (pt 1)

Well here we are. . approaching the end of mid-summer craziness. . . The same old, same old chaos that makes up our lives. :

Not much has been going on, aside from a couple of extra projects, and the mind-numbing, non-stop child care, (coaching, refereeing, attempts at forming something that vaguely resembles a schedule), that pretty much makes up our daily routine. . .

Charlie and I have gone on a couple of dates recently, once to the mall, and then to a baseball game the other night. . . We had a lot of fun at the game, if you discount the fact that we brought the Binky along with, and had to chase him the whole time. . Smart. huh? : ) Naturally, they brought up Haagen Daas ice cream bars right after we bailed outta there. . . (groan) So wrong!

Laena left for Girl's Camp this morning, a program for young women put on by our church. I'm not sure if I should be excited, relieved, or misty. . . Hmmm. Last night she came home late, AGAIN, from a date. We grounded her for a couple of days, effective after she gets back. Sigh. Of course this means that she won't be able to go to a movie with cutsie California boy Anthony Saturday night, and she'll be freaking out about that all day, upon her return. I don't know about you people, but when our daughter goes out with a . . . boy, we like to have her home ON TIME. Yeah, that's right Baby, punctuality. It is your friend. And some days, dealing with teeny-bopper . . . girls, can be nothing short of exhausting. Not so much a picnic type situation. It requires . . . stamina, at the very least. . . smile_wink

Most nights I get enough sleep, and therefore store up enough energy to make it through the day. Recharging, I call it. Thankfully, this is the last week of summer school. . . I do appreciate the summer school program, what they're trying to do to help out our kids, but I'm not too excited about the ridiculous amounts of gasonline that we are using every day to drive our number one son across town (and back), twice. Argh! Sigh. I suppose the boy needs to graduate. . . And Yay! Regular school starts again in about 3 weeks! The big question is . . Can we make it? : ) Clint talked me into taking him to the mall yesterday, so that he and his friend Richard could pick up some 'swords' from the Asian Store there. They were actually pretty cute, some Final Fantasy thing, sort of cartoonish, and most importantly, MADE OF WOOD. : ) Perfect for Halloween. It cracks me up every year, the preparation and thought, the time that they put into planning for this particular holiday. . . about 3 months in advance! But try getting them to do homework. . . Wink, wink. Huh? What?

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