Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sunday Charlie took the family for a drive about 8:30 pm. We went on a short hike up the side of a pretty steep hill in south Draper. It was about sunset, but not quite twilight when we reached the summit, and a truly glorious view of the Salt Lake valley. It was truly breathtaking, from that altitude, the expanse of the Heavens and the valley laid out below. . . Pink and orange clouds, the sun's last dying rays. . . The lights of the city just beginning to sparkle. . . It was magical. Naturally I had forgotten my camera. Sigh.

Monday Clint started summer school. So far it seems to be going well, aside from the 5 hours of driving I do every day, while chauffeuring him back and forth, Laena to work, errands, etc. . . I'm so glad that there is a program in place to help out some these kids, and pick up some of the slack.

Yesterday we bought a pool, after a somewhat silly altercation with one of the neighborhood gals, who evidently didn't want any more kids playing in her yard. Double sigh. Some days the drama is a little more than I can handle. . . But the kidlets are having fun with the new pool, so I guess things worked out okay. . .

Laena's been working an awful lot lately. . hopefully trying to save up, so she can help with all of the expenses that she will have shortly, with a new school year just around the corner. . . Goodness! There are so many things . . . Clothes, pictures, junk food, DATES. . .

Charlie got his leaf springs from the 'box man' on Saturday, ironically while he was up in Idy-Heighdy--Ho, picking up Tommy and riding horses with Eric and the Deedle. So now Chaz's got his truck ripped apart out front. It's taking up most of the driveway, and most of his time these past couple of days. . . But I have to admit, it sure is fun watching him work.  : )

Clint's gotta work at Pizza Hut again tonight. . Thankfully the kids in summer school don't seem to have a lot of homework. . Or maybe he's actually DOING his homework, early, and therefore not making it an issue. All RIGHT Baby!!  : ) Who'da thunk! Wow. I guess having him pay for the classes was the best way to go after all!  : )

Last night I had a Relief Society board meeting. . . Got to get out of the house, hang with the gals, eat strawberries and chocolate cake, and experience adult interaction. Wow. Soooo cool. We had a great time, chatting, discussing grown-up things. . . I almost forgot to come home.  : )

I do miss Eric, up there with Grandma all this time. . . He's supposed to come home on Friday, after Charlie swaps him for his cousin Hailey. . . I guess it will only have been two weeks, without my Ericky, but it sure seems like an eternity. This is probably a taste of what it will be like when they finally take off for college etc. . . I'm not really looking forward to it. There's a semi-conscious, background ache there, that's just. . . ever-present.

Tommy's made a list, sort of a chart, counting down the days until everyone turns eighteen. . . Leave it to our mathematician. Oy.

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