Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My dad called this morning about 7 am. Apparently our Grandma passed away around eleven last night.

Mercifully, my Book of Mormon opened "randomly" to the passage in Mosiah about life after death, the resurrection, and the state of the soul between this life and the next.

On the way back from dropping off the twins, that song came on the radio, the one about meeting the Savior. "I Can Only Imagine." Coincidence? I don't think so.

Okay, so I'm an emotional person. Sigh. I'm gonna miss my Grandma. It'll be weird not having her there, not receiving her cards in the mail every year, like clockwork, at Christmastime and on birthdays. . .

One comforting thought, however, that my husband came up with. . . Grandma is probably with her dad, who died in a coal mine when she was 5 years old. . . and her mother, Elvira DeSantis, from Italy, who died the day before I turned 3. Plus her sisters, one of whom just recently passed on, and the other, who died when they were still children.

One interesting thing about my paternal grandparents: They were both one of 3 children, in their families, growing up. And they both lost one of their siblings early on, before any of them were grown. Sigh. Pretty wild. There are lots of stories I could tell. . .

I wonder if Grandma has long dark hair again. . . She was beautiful when she was young.

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