Saturday, November 8, 2008

High School Musical 3 Rocks!

Tonight Aleia and I caught a pretty cool flick. You may have heard of it. .

High School Musical 3! Wahoo! Sooooo good! We literally ran through the theatre so we could get good seats. Lea was so stoked, so exited! That girl is a performer, and lover of plays, if there ever was one. Sooooo jazzed about the show. Her preschool teacher told us we'd better get her into theatre at the first possible opportunity, because the girlie has talent! We heartily agreed. : )

She's also pretty good at planning parties. Inviting all her neighborhood friends over without telling us . . .

Anyway, the movie was fantastic! Loved every minute of it. Yeah Baby, yeah!

Aleia chatted all through the previews, antsy as she was to see the show. . Finally it began.

"Oooh, it's starting! Mama, we've gotta be quiet!" Bouncing in her seat.

I smiled a little, gave her a sideways glance. I was just munching popcorn, and hadn't said a word. : )

I love musicals! Jazzy dance numbers. . fun songs, tapping our toes to the music. . . Laced of course with plenty of high school drama. . .

It was fun to try to pick out Laena's friends out of the choir in the graduation scene at the end. : )

We were still pumped when we got home. Tommy asked how it was.

"Was there a musical in the movie?" he inquired with interest.

"Really?" I grinned. Was there a 'musical' in the show? In the musical, High School Musical, did they have a musical? A little play with songs and dances? Why ever would you think THAT? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Okay, I can be a little obnoxious at times. . .

Tommy and I have a lot of fun joking around. : )

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