Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, my brain has apparently reengaged. I now recall what we did on Monday! Yay!

Mon morning, Charlie and I drove out to WEST West Jordan, to a really nice, peaceful area, where Charlie got measured for his tux. Why does he need a tuxedo, you ask? His brother and sister-in-law are having a big anniversary party in a couple o' weeks, and they've decided to renew their vows! There's so much energy going on over there, I get tired just thinking about it. Anyway, C was lookin' pretty good there, in his black suit with royal blue vest, etc. .  : )

Monday afternoon, we took Clint up to Salt Lake to pick up his class ring. Sigh. That boy is a hoot. Instead of putting drums on the side of the ring, that he played in the symphonic band. . maybe the school mascot. . . he decided to engrave lions on either side. Why, you ask? Something to do with a VIDEO GAME. Seriously? If I had any extra cash, I'd get him a proper ring for Christmas or something. Silly boy.  : )

On the way home we stopped by Target to pick up a couple of things. You know how it goes. . You walk in there, thinking that you are only going to be a few minutes, and about an hour and a half later, you finally drag yourself, and 3 or 4 kids, out of there, the kids still whining about something they'd like to purchase. : ) I found some more fantastic snowflake Christmas plates! Wahoo! Clint filled out an application. We'll see what happens. . .

Monday night, Charlie got the cooking bug, thought he'd up and make meatloaf. Elk meatloaf, actually. . It was really, really good. Charlie used to be a cook down at Brick Oven restaurant in Provo. While there, he learned some skeels. . . : ) He's been talking about trying a new recipe for a couple of weeks now, and this was the night we finally got to experience the magic! Yum, yum, yum! Wow, he cooks, and knows how to swap out a transmission! What a man!  : )

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