Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eleventh Grade

Well, it's happened at last. I've been saying for years that I am in no way prepared for this . . . teenager. . . stuff. I'm pretty sure that statement was right on. I could cite a hundred different examples which would candidly illustrate why I am not ready to have teenage kids, but I'll just give ya a couple.

The other day I found myself rifling through my 11th grade daughter's room, trying to find something to wear. . . for me. It's just so wrong. : ) I've taken to borrowing her clothes! It's like we're roommates or something. And then the other night she was tutoring my husband, helping him with his Calculus, or some equally disturbing math class. . . They're actually taking the same class at the community college right now. (What?!) Our little girl mentioned this to one of her teachers, and the guy just about fell over laughing. . . I'm not sure what to think about that. . .

But anyway, all you parents out there, prepare yourselves (and this should sound ominous) . . . for the Eleventh Grade.

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