Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A few days ago, I was discussing our present political dilemma with my man Charlie. He was evidently feeling some stress.

"You know", he said. "This is nuts. Everyone throwing all this political. . . stuff. . at me. I've had enough. Maybe if I lived in a state where my vote actually counted. . . I'd rather work on my truck."


My response: "Honey, your voice does count for something. You are part of a collective force, of strong, dedicated people, who stand united, proud, and unafraid in their determination to vote for what is right. Right politically, right morally, right all the way around. They are unapologetic and unashamed, backed by high ideals, traditions, values, etc. They can't help but make a difference. Such people are the reason this country was founded the way it was, they are the force behind whatever is holding it together, they are the only hope for the future. You should be oh so ecstatic to be a part of that voice, that force, that does not break ranks, that may actually save the future of the free world, and that will preserve, at the last, at least in part, the way of life that our courageous forefathers envisioned. . . for us and for our posterity. There ya go, Honey. Feel better?"

I'd say that ^ was something that counted. Today and in the final analysis.

Raise your voice. Feel free to speak.

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