Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Cousin!

My little brother Mark got married last year to the lovely Sarah Hansen. They were married in Nauvoo, Illinois, which worked out great because she's from Iowa and he's from Missouri. Recently the happy couple announced that they are expecting a baby, due in the Spring! Yay! Another cousin! It's about time. By the time our kids get a bunch of cousins going, they'll all be in graduate school. : ) But I can't complain. I love babies! Babies make people smile. : )

Unfortunately, we didn't actually make it to the wedding. We were in the hospital having a baby ourselves the same weekend. . . great planning Mark! Just kidding. : ) I've never been very good at the whole timing thing. I'm just so happy that my brother's found such a cute girl, and now he'll have 2. : ) : ) : )

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