Friday, December 28, 2007

The Box Man

Earlier a FedEx truck pulled up in front of our house. Our 5 yr old, Jeffy, of course saw it and yelled

"It's the Box Man again!" Ah, the Box Man. Code for UPS guy usually."It's a white Box Man! And he's coming to our house!" Yay!

Puzzled, I asked "A white Box Man?"

"Yeah. He has a white truck." Of course.

Jeffy opened the door, and I dragged the box inside. It was tall and oblong, up on it's end, and had a big sticker that said "Truckin' " on the side.

What a surprise. Charlie got a small Christmas bonus a week or so ago, and I guess we know what he spent it on. I called him at work.

"The Box Man came again. . . . This time it was Fed Ex."

"Really?" He was so excited. "It's Christmas. . again!"

"I bet you wanna come home for lunch now, don't you."

"Ooh, I do!"

"Sure, now
you wanna come home!", I said, remembering earlier this morning. ("Honey, I don't have time for breakfast. . I really have to get to work.")

"Aww. You know I want to come home and talk to you. . . . " I wasn't buying it. Sigh.

Anyway, we know Charlie will be having fun later. : ) Yippee. This Holiday stuff doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Now we've gotta come up with creative ways to dispose of all the wrapping paper, etc. And then there's New Year's. I thought about going to First Night Utah downtown, but after almost freezing to death at the 'Zoo Lights' last night, (I'm pretty sure some of us experienced frost bite), I'm beginning to think that staying home and ordering pizza might be a better idea. Especially with a bunch of little kids. We'll see. Brrrr. Cold, cold, cold.

Our 15 year old twins are going on a 'Winter Campout' tonight. What an oxymoron! Does this sound stupid to anyone else? Let's go out and freeze ourselves . . in the name of Scouting. . .for FUN! I don't get it. Maybe it's a Mommy thing. I've never understood why the Scouts insist on torturing themselves by sleeping outside in the middle of Winter. . . Silly, silly, not real bright. Somebody could freeze to death! It's just not practical. Anyway, I disapprove.

Charlie pointed out that the three big kids (our 'triplets') will all be gone for a few hours later tonight. . . Hmmm. Tommy might want to catch a movie. . . Where could we dump off the other 3? We could spend a quiet evening at home! : ) Yeah, right. Who doesn't have plans, and would want to watch a bunch of riotous, bouncy little kids, instead of sipping hot cocoa by the fire? Not very realistic. It might be different if there was a Grandma factor, but she's 13 hundred miles away, and not likely to fly in and rescue us. . . We've never really had family close by. . . At least not family that would watch the kids.

Maybe if we whine a little more, they'll retire and move out here, so we can finally get some babysitting goin' on.

Uh-huh. Maybe after our first 3 or 4 kids are half way through college. . . .


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