Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Rush

Well, here's my 'to do list' for today so far:

1. Get a card for Grandpa's ninetieth birthday tomorrow (He doesn't want a big hoop-la)
2. Send something to Missouri for Sarah's 'Baby Shower by Mail'
3. Pick up some semi-last minute giftlets for the kidlets for Christmas (After taking a meticulous inventory last night from the presents under the tree, we discovered that the numbers are off) Sure
4. Call the doctor and make sure that Jeffy doesn't have strep
5. Go grocery shopping
6. Clean the house
7. Pick up the kids from school
8. Make some beautiful, creative treats for the neighbors
9. Prepare an insightful, touching Family Home Evening Lesson
10. Make sure that the camera has fresh batteries for the big Holiday Band/Orchestra concert at the High School tonight
11. Try not to go nuts

And these are the things I've already crossed off the list:

1. Get up early, go the gym, come home energized
2. Thoughtfully study the scriptures
3. Make it into the shower before Charlie and/or Laena (We're re-doing our downstairs bathroom, so we only have the one, which makes it interesting)
4. Drag the boys out of bed, and try to convince them to get ready
5. Drive kids to High School
6. Taxi kids to the Middle School
7. Get little kids ready and race off to Elementary school
8. Do dishes (ha ha)
9. Eat breakfast? Huh?
10. Feed crying baby, and give him his eye drops (THAT, my friends, is a wrestling match worthy of U-tube for sure)

I won't tell you how many of these were actually accomplished. . . (hint - most of them in bathrobe and jammies) : )

Let's just say that if I don't quite make number 3, (beat C and L into the shower) it's probably gonna throw off the entire rest of the day, so we'll be one behind and struggling to catch up. . . . We'll see what happens.

These kinds of days give new meaning to the word . . .


Gotta go. Evidently I spaced off a dentist appointment.

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