Thursday, December 6, 2007

Recess Academy

My seven year old daughter has the most wonderful school teacher on the planet. Her name is Mrs. Bell. She's an older lady who loves to teach her class of 29 second graders. She calls them Sweetheart and Darling. She never yells. And when the kids get out of hand, they don't go to 'think time', or 'time out'. . They go to Recess Academy! Is this not amazing? I've never heard of anything like it. And I've had quite a few kids, who've had quite a few very different teachers over the years. Mrs. Bell tops them all.

She is superb, wonderful, sweet and kind, and has such a magical, bewitching style of gently twisting any situation that may arise into something positive. I think the kidlets experience reality while they're at school, but it's not a harsh reality. Mrs. Bell makes them feel important, loved, appreciated and supported at all times. She's got a phenomenal grasp of . . . well adjusted optimism. In the form of pixie dust. It's a magical 2nd grade wonderland full of smiles. : )


ps Thanks also to Mrs. Murray, Miss Sargeant, Miss Jones, Mrs Tippits, Mrs. Peters, and many others. Kudos to you. And our undying gratitude. They really should pay more for this kind of dedication and far reaching, loving influence.

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