Monday, December 31, 2007

Go Linus! / Vote for Bob!

With all this talk about politics lately, I can't help but think of last year and possibilities lost. Sigh.

Now don't get alarmed. . . I've sworn off political commentating. Evidently I have rather strong, passionate views that tend to freak people out a little bit.

Pshaw. I mean c'mon. Wasn't it an 'idealistic' world that the Founding Fathers were inspired to create? Let's review some of their writings and see if we can find some strong, passionate views. . . . Ya. Righto. Anyway, guess I'll do like Linus Van Pelt and refrain from discussing religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin. . . But where's the fun in that?! : )

Last year, one of our neighbors thought about running for Congress, against incumbent Chris Cannon. The posters were printed up and everything when he had second thoughts and decided to back out. Or should I say bow out gracefully. He does everything gracefully. It would've been a very close race. To give you an idea, this well respected, reputable man was formerly mayor of West Jordan, Utah, LDS Mission President down in South Africa, record-breaking BYU quarterback, etc. You do the math. He would've been a powerful force. I was so disappointed when he decided not to run. I guess he didn't want to move to Washington. Darn it. I don't know. Rumor had it that back in the day he just wasn't excited about all the corruption in government. He's a very honest, upright, sensitive soul, and I think the dishonesty saddened him. Me, personally, I definitely would've voted for Bob Roberts! Either way, we've been blessed to have had the pleasant association of him and his lovely family. And since he decided to stick around town, we get to have the benefit of whatever miracles he's working around here locally. Guess I can't complain. Actually, (a bit of trivia), President Roberts was the first person we met when we moved out here to West Jordan. (ps he was stake president at the time) He was out walking, stopped to say hello, shook our hands politely/warmly and welcomed us to the neighborhood.

The neighborhood made a good first impression : ) We were happy to be here, and will probably end up growing old right here in our 'starter home.' I'm sure there are worse things. . : ) You know what they say. . . Location, location, location.

You can't beat it. : ) Vote for Bob!

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