Friday, December 7, 2007

Sniff, Sniff, Sniffle

Well, this has definitely been a long week. It's Friday and it's raining. Right now my husband is at a fancy-shmancy Christmas party on the other side of the world, at the equivalent of the Austrian White House, the 'palace' something or other. . Sigh. And I'm sitting here, on our couch in my sweatpants, with a nasty sore throat and a box of tissues, watching Good Things Utah. Boy, do I feel glamorous. . I need a blanket. . .

My best friend is in Europe. My other best friend is probably getting engaged, most likely down in St. George, although there was talk of her man popping the question during their Holiday trip to Ireland. . . My sister's probably snuggling her red-headed French boyfriend somewhere, (very nice guy) and I am feeling rather . . . alone. Sniffle. Sigh. Do I sound depressed? I should really make some chicken noodle soup.

I think Mommies deserve to have a break occasionally, to take care of themselves for once. Maybe sleep in, (which I haven't done lately), and not have to be Miss Princess Agreeable every second of every day. . . and perhaps not have to do everything . . perfectly. This should be allowed. Sniff. After all, running a household is an exhausting job. Especially when you have virtually no back up. The expectations can be overwhelming. And believe it or not, women are people. With feelings. It should be okay to pout sometimes.

Ah, the phone is ringing. Who could it be? Probably another salesman, or somebody wanting money. . . Nope. It's my mother. : ) Long distance from Missouri. Calling to say hi. . . Sniff. . Only Mama love . . . I'm beginning to feel misty, so I'm gonna hafta go.

Plus I think the baby's eating paper. . . .

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