Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little Boy Lost

I don't know if you've ever had a child, but there's an intense spiritual bond there that you just can't describe. There's something about seeing them for the first time, discovering, experiencing the miracle of creation . . . that simply can't be put into words. Good luck, if you're up for that sort of thing. . . .

I don't know if you've ever had a child run off and get lost, especially in a crowded public venue, but there's a numbing panic there, when you realize that they're gone, that you just can't fully communicate to people, who seem to think, when asked if they've seen your 5 yr old son, that drastic measures are not necessarily apropo . . .

We were at Hollywood Connection, an indoor amusement park over by the E-Center, for the Coke kid's Christmas party last Saturday, when Jefferson decided to take off and explore the place on his own. I guess I've seen one too many movies, but it was not a good feeling to comb the place, as much as possible with 4 other children in tow, and not be able to find him.

I challenge you to imagine what it might have felt like to see him running up to us, full of life and spunk and energy, after 20 minutes that seemed like an eternity, and to hear him say:

"Mommy! I rode the roller coaster all by myself!"

Why they let him on that thing I will never know. He weighs 40 lbs. When my husband's out of town, I feel like I'm riding the roller coaster all by myself. Thank Heaven for prayer, and guardian angels.

He brought home a paper angel art project from preschool the other day, made of half a paper plate, coffee filters and a cotton ball. It now rides atop my dashboard, and will likely remain there for some time, to remind me of the tender mercies shown to our family every day, like guardian angels, and my little boy found. : )

When we turn on the defrost, if makes the wings flap slightly. Jeffy likes to yell excitedly. . .

"Mommy, Mommy! Look at the angel!"

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