Monday, December 31, 2007

Home Suite Home!

Well, we're back from the game. Home Suite Home! It was a lot of fun up there in the Coca-Cola sky box, but I couldn't see staying for the whole evening, being as it's a holiday and all. . . . We do have children who might need a little supervision. . . especially since they're staying up till midnight and beyond. Personally, I think Mama will be hitting the hay about elevenish, like normal, but it's better that we're home. I'm just too old for this kind of thing. 14 exhausting hours of dealing with our seven children, and my ever loving husband, is just a little too much for me. I burn out around 7:30 pm, I think my personality goes to sleep at about eight. : ) Plus, you know the song. . . "Baby, it's cold outside." Ain't it though!

Good night all. See you next Year! : )

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