Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mama Grinchette

Well, I think I'm done. People always ask if you are "ready for Christmas". I think we're pretty close to being ready, but either way, I'm done, finito, end of story. Whatever hasn't gotten done, ain't gonna get done, cause I'm done.

I think I will do like my brother Nathaniel, and pay the kids to wrap whatever presents are left. Maybe I've been hanging around my husband, Charlie the Grinch, too much. . . but for whatever reason, here I am. Meet Mama Grinchette. It's time for a stress-free Christmas. Time to focus in.

It's not all about the hoop-la anyway. It's about small moments, that make up the memories that we call childhood, or family time, or life. A child's bright-eyed smile, a kind word, cookies from a good hearted neighbor. . . the Babe in Bethlehem.

Christmas. : )

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