Friday, December 14, 2007

My Husband the Grinch!

Yes, it's true. Come December 1st, every year, my hubby Charlie turns into the Grinch. I guess he starts thinking about the financial end of putting together the annual Holiday celebration for a family of 9, and it causes him stress. And then there's all the time he'll halfta spend at family gatherings, kids' Christmas parties and such. . . Plus it probably doesn't help that his birthday is on November 30th, so at this point he's just realized that he's that much closer to 40. Sigh. My husband the Grinch. But to his credit, I should mention that he's held out this year. We have two family parties to go to this weekend, and so far he hasn't threatened to boycott . . . We'll see what happens.

Last night we went to the second of 3 holiday school concerts scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. It didn't help that some guy called from work at the last minute and needed C to come fix his hand-held computer. I guess you could say we were a bit rushed. : ) I think my man finally snapped. We were looking at the program, scanning it for signs of our daughter's name, etc, when he said suddenly,

"This is insane! I mean, I love my kid, but I don't know if I love 'er 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . 25 songs worth! You have got to be kidding me! This is going to be a 3 hour concert!" And it was. : )

And it starts.

Charlie spent most of the night out in the hall, chasing our 2 little boys. He was lovin' it. I could tell. : )

p.s. I remember when my Mama and Daddy would bring the entire clan to my band concerts. It was so embarrassing. All my brothers wiggling and yelping, running up and down the isles when they got the chance. . . . My mother in her flip flops chasing them down. . . her jogging up to the front of the auditorium to take pictures. . . . : ) Sigh. Such warm memories. Hee hee hee. Here on the flip side, I now understand.

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