Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flavors of Summer

This should be a good week. Yesterday was the first really warm day of the year for us here in Utah. Lea and Jeffy naturally had to throw a 'pool party' in the front yard yesterday afternoon. Several neighborhood kids came over. They had fun playing in the sprinkler, filling up the coolers and having water gun battles. : ) My flowers are coming up. . It was quite pleasant.

Charlie had the good sense to bring home a beautiful bouquet of pink roses this past weekend. What a man. : ) He and Tommy had a good time at their island campout. Chili dogs, with all the trimmings, heating rocks for their sleeping bags, unauthorized air soft wars, and of course their clothing smelling of woodsmoke and dirt, were topics of conversation when they returned.

I love my man. He's so freaking energetic. Irritable, sometimes, yes, but he spent the entire day yesterday working on math homework, studying for his final last night. Poor guy. . . Just hearing words like parabola, matrices, evil polynomial functions brings back bad, bad memories of . . . school. The very thought makes me shudder. I've got chills, and not the good kind. EEeeyyyaaaah. We don't much like. . . MATH.

Anyway, Charlie's been very nice these past few days, to help me out in various ways, even though he probably should've been studying. Ah, me. The sacrifices that man makes for the good of the family. . . Ha ha ha. : ) I did appreciate him cleaning out the vacuum, however. It has been suggested that perhaps Cheerios should be swept up, rather than vacuumed. . . My philosophy is this: If it can't pick up a Cheerio, I don't need it, thank you very much. Sigh. I do hope the balmy spring weather remains. Then we can go outside with a playpen or whatever, and just leave the crumbs for the birds. . .

It is pretty funny, how summer's imminent arrival has tweaked the brains, and therefore the behaviors, of our children. . .The latest craze right now is action movies. Well, and dating for Laena. . I suppose we should've seen that coming. . . But our boys have recently discovered these 'Ironman' slurpy cups at 7-Eleven. Now, every chance they get, they've gotta run over there and get a slurpy. They're trying to collect all the different cups. They're pretty cool, actually. . They even have an action figure attached to the straw. Oy.

p.s. Slurpys are great! Wild cherry's my favorite. : ) Can't beat it. Although once they came close, with an amazing Sunkist Orange flavor worthy of the tropics. It was to die for. Good times. . .

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Laura said...

That's awesome that you got flowers---there's nothing better than a supportive husband. And, I love the Slurpee's too!!!