Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random Thursday. . .

Today I was feeling emotional. . . for whatever reason. I told Charlie that I really needed to go and cry somewhere for a couple of days. . This was his tender response:

"Can you wait until I'm done with my finals?!"


Boy oh boy, this has been a fun week. A random day. . . Here's how our Thursday went. . I'll give you the run-down:

Got 4 hours of sleep. Got up. Got kids off to school. Had breakfast. Hopped in the shower. Changed poopie diaper #1.Worked on laundry. Cleaned up kitchen. . sort of. Fed cats. Changed poopie diaper # 2. Checked email. Talked to Grandma. Got boys ready for Jeffy's field trip. Changed poopie diaper # 3. (I only have on kid in diapers) Walked over to the school in the middle of a driving snow/hail storm. Picked up Aleia from school. Met Charlie. Drove up to Planetarium for preschool field trip. Slept through half of movie on solar system. Grabbed lunch at Wendy's. Drove down to Coke Plant during a freaking rain storm. Dropped Chaz off at work. Took kids home. Told Laena good luck with the Orchestra competition. Laundry. (Dishes?) Tongue out Ha. Gave Lea a bath. Got mail. Put baby down for a nap. Helped kids make cardboard rockets. Tried to vacuum up popcorn. Clint came home and had a snack. (full-sized bag of chips, 32 oz jar of salsa) Tommy came home and had a snack. (4 chimichangas, half a gallon of grape juice) Ran to get doughnuts from the grocery store for Tommy's Orchestra concert. Also picked up another dozen donuts that Aleia bought with her birthday money. Got Jeffy's T-ball uniform together for game and picture day. Took Eric a sweatshirt for track practice. (still snowing) Convinced Clint to get out of bed. Called Charlie and wished him good luck on his Anatomy final. Drove Clinton over to Pizza Hut. Encouraged Tommy to find his Sunday clothes. Baring teeth Loaded up for T-ball game. Eric came home and had a snack. (couple of protein drinks, jar of applesauce, walnuts) Got Eric to do some dishes. (stinkin' dishwasher's broken) Went over to Rec Center ball field. Wrestled stroller out of trunk. Cheered Jefferson on at T-ball game, amidst alternating snow and wind, and sun. Endured indoor team pictures in the gym, next to the pool, (air heated to 80 degrees), together with 500 other parents. . . Raced over to the middle school for Tommy's concert. Showed up late for Tommy's concert. Took bunch of pix at Tommy's concert. Recorded quartet at above-mentioned concert. . . Wolfed down doughnuts and cookies, with half the middle school, in the band/orchestra room. Carted everyone home. Jeffy threw up. Jeffy went to bed. Helped Aleia with homework. Ran bath water for Jeffy. Unsuccessfully tried to awaken Jeffy. Warmed up chili for dinner. Went to pick up Clint from work. Got mail. Picked up Laena from the high school. Fed baby his 10th bottle of milk/juice. Helped Aleia with curlers. Nerd Encouraged Laena and Clint to do homework. Read stories with kids, brushed teeth with kids, said prayers with kids. . Put kids to bed. Collapsed onto couch. Got up to greet the Hubby Man. . Fell into bed. Died and went to Heaven. Open-mouthed

And that was my day. Don't even ask about Friday. . . Suffice it to say that my Scoutmaster husband was off camping, on an island somewhere, at an overnight Scouting event. . Eric got home at eleven, Laena . . showed up at 1:32 AM, and the baby was up half the night with a fever that spiked to 103 degrees . . Fahrenheit.

Check Facebook. It'll tell ya. . . Mama . . is exhausted.

C'mon Jenny, where's that neck rub? : )

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