Friday, April 25, 2008

Kid Quotes!

My cousin has the coolest blog! Ever! One of the fun things she's been doing lately is recording the cute, adorable things her little children say, and they are entertaining. . .

I've got a couple of my own today, that I would like to share:

1. Jeffy, the other day, was sampling some chocolate milk.

"Delicioso!" he yelled, after a good big swig.

I raised an inquisitive eyebrow. He rolled his eyes condescendingly, and tried to help me out.

"That means yummy." he informed me patiently, holding onto his chair, and kicking his foot in the air aimlessly. Hilarious!

And THEN. . .

2. Yesterday, Jefferson was sucking on a Popsicle sometime around lunch. Before he was done, he figured out that we had popcorn! He loves popcorn. .

"Mama, do you want the rest of my Popsicle?" he asked, whining a little so I'd be sure to take him up on his offer.

"No thanks." I responded, surprising him.

"Mommy", he said after a brief moment of innocent contemplation. "Are you allergic to Popsicles?"

He was crackin' me up. : ) 5 year old boys are fun!

p.s. Just now Jeffy said he wants to watch 'The Seeker' for pizza/movie night.

"No way!" I told him. "It's too freakin' scary."

"But Mommy, I like it!" He decided to negotiate. "I'll skip over the bad parts. . . " he offered, holding the movie case with both hands, and giving me his best pouty face.

Again, you can't buy entertainment like this! So cute! : )

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Laura said...

Love the quotes!!! It is the cute and funny things our kids do that keep us going through it all! Thanks for bringing a smile!!!!