Thursday, April 3, 2008

Future Memories

Well, you guessed it, my friends! Yes, the twin annoucement from the other day was indeed. . . . fabricated. That stinker! Charlie was right on, as usual. : ) I asked him "How did you know?" He said "I know how guys are." Nailed it.

Anyway, obviously the only thing for them to do now, to make it right, or to at least fix things with the grandmas, is to get pregnant, as fast as they can, and hope for twins. : ) That's right, Baby! Now you've done it! Hee hee hee. Let's get going. We really do need some more cousins. Pix for the scrapbooks. . .

So you all know, yesterday was the anniversary of Charlie's asking me to be his wifeypoo. Yup. It's been . . that long! There's something about spring. : )

Annie's getting married soon. . How long have those 2 been dating? 2 years at least. Maybe 3 . . We only needed 10 months. I don't know what that means. . . probably nothing. Some people run off to Vegas, and make it work for 40 plus years! ; ) Here's to weddings! May we have more and more such happy occasions as the years go by/roll on. May . . will be a wonderful month, full of happy thoughts, great expectations, new beginnings, and sweet future memories. : ) Sniffle, sniffle.

Life is good.

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