Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prom Night Approaches

Well, tomorrow is the big day! : ) Yup. We got baseball tickets. Hee hee. No seriously. But while we're snarfing down hot dogs at the big game, our not-so-little girl will be dancing the night away up at the Capital Building in downtown Salt Lake. (Should I have capitalized Capital Building? It would make sense. . .) Anyway, should be fun. She's going with a very nice Latin fella. . . Well, actually I should say a very nice young man from Bolivia. Fond sentimental Mommy sigh. She sure seems to like those Latin boys. . . But I can't say that I blame her. . . Before I hooked up with my red-headed Swedish/English husband, I had a certain, shall we say, -affinity- for dark, Mediterranean type boys who . . subscribed to Newsweek.

And then came Charlie. : )

So here we go with Prom Night. Sigh. Her Junior Prom. . . It's funny, but our boys aren't the slightest bit interested. And they're definitely old enough to go. . . Brother. I think they'd actually rather sleep. Silly boys. Lame. Maybe next year. . . Actually, what am I thinking?! This is great! I just realized that if they were going, we'd probably have to pay for a tux, and flowers, and pictures and everything. . . It's gonna be hard enough to come up with car insurance here in a couple of months! Wow.

Well, I hope Laena has a great time tomorrow evening. I hope she doesn't feel rushed when she's doing her make up. I hope she remembers to wear her seatbelt. I hope they pick a good restaurant. I hope that kid doesn't forget his wallet. I hope they remembered to buy tickets. . . . All the things a Mama thinks about when her girlie-poo is heading off to play Cinderella.

Prom Night! : )


Laura said...

How fun! YOu will have to post some pictures from the prom---we would love to see her pics, Laura

Amanda Mason said...

You can bet on it! Love to take pix of the kids! : )