Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Training and Purple Pansies/A Typical Day with The Masons

The other day, Monday, I believe, Aleia brought me flowers from the store! : ) Purple pansies, to be exact. What a cute little Rosebud! Then Wednesday night, we all went to a book review, family activity thing at her elementary school. It was quite fun. They had free hot dogs, (gag) and Leatherby's ice cream available to all who showed up. Not bad. Yesterday Jeffy started playing Tee-Ball! His first game was last night. They were supposed to have had practices and another game earlier this week, but these were called on account of SNOW, which we've been blessed with 3 consecutive days this week. Isn't spring supposed to have sprung?! But Jeffy was great! He had so much fun! I should say we had so much fun. Charlie got the biggest kick out of watching him play. "Throw it to first!" they'd yell. And he'd huck it down that way with such energy that everybody cheered! Yay for Jeffy! I had a great time taking pictures. I probably took to many, but that's the beauty of digital photography. . you can delete the crappy ones, (which are very few, by the way), and you don't have to print them all out! It's fantastic! Later yesterday evening, Charlie and some colleagues/co-workers took a guest from Vienna out to a Bee's Baseball game. They had a great time. He came home happy. : ) Also, there was minimal fighting amongst the older kids. We had track practice, Pizza Hut, homework, NBA Street, gabbin' on the phone. . .typical teenage stuff. I guess you could say that yesterday was a good day! : ) Right on, Baby!

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