Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Full Schedule! / Screaming Monkeys and Fun With The Kids

This morning we were laying in bed, when we heard the large, gutteral motor of a delivery truck pull to a stop in front of our house. Charlie hopped up like it was Christmas morning. One of the kids got the door.

"Who was it?" Charlie asked anxiously.

"UPS." responded our child sleepily. Daddy grinned. The box had a big Woot! sticker on the outside.

"Oh, I bet this is it!" he said excitedly. "The monkeys are here!"

Please, no. I closed my eyes and groaned. If anyone knows the secret to getting your man off of Ebay, or, please pass it along, and let me know. This week it's flying monkeys that you flip across the room. When they hit the floor, or the wall, or someone else's cubicle, they break into this incredibly annoying, shrill siren-type monkey call. Gag. I hate monkeys. Those guys in the office are gonna be lovin' it next week. . . : ) Well, at least he didn't buy the classic 'bag of random crap' they had listed on Thursday. . . He wanted to though, and I will admit that the item description alone is entertaining enough to put you in stitches and bend you over double. . But to actually buy something labeled 'random bag of crap'. . I'm sorry, but that's just stupid. Yeesh. We do in fact work for our money. Hey, I could go get my nails done, randomly, and maybe he wouldn't give me any . . crap! Sounds about the same. . .

Okay, so this week I've taken the kids to Golden Corral, the dinosaur museum, Classic Family Fun Center for Aleia's birthday, and the flipping zoo. Charlie's headed off right now, with 4 teenage boys, driving up to the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City for the Priesthood Session of General Conference. What a brave man he is! Actually, it hasn't been so bad. . . For some reason, this week, I haven't been really stressed out . . really at all. Of course it's all relative, but I've been relatively. . relaxed. Whatever. I even made it to the temple Wednesday night. : ) Wow. Maybe it's because this is the last week that I'll actually be responsible for TEN CHILDREN. . . every afternoon, every day. Their dad will be back in town on Monday. Army guy. I suppose I was finally beginning to get used to it. Ha ha ha ha ha! How weird is THAT?

So, pshaw! So I have to take 5 or 6 kids out to the skating rink or whatever. . . Cake. A walk in the park. Nooooo problem. I've finally figured it out. How to chill. Bizarre. What a bizarre realization. . ! Huh. Anyway, here we are, the girlies and the little kids. . . trying to figure out how to entertain ourselves on a Saturday night, whilst the men, and the big boys, are off at Conference. Learning about how to be good. Guess I can't complain. . .

Hmmmm. What to do. . . . Ah, my favorite past time. . . Picasa! Wahoo!

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